Friday, July 29, 2005

The Very First Thing I Crocheted...

These are pictures of the baby blanket I crocheted in college. This was created as part of my characters 'business' on stage during the fall of 1994. I was in the play "The Rimer's Of Eldritch". The square got so large that my director made me rip out a bunch of it and re-do it, to keep it from overtaking the scenes! Also, he told me I couldn't use the yellow onstage, cause it was too bright. During this show all of the actors were onstage the entire show, much of the time in darkness, as other areas of the stage were where the action was going on. I got to the point where I could actually crochet in the dark! The woman who my character did most of her scenes with (our characters were two middle aged women sitting on the porch doing our crocheting/knitting) had a friend show her how to knit a little bit, but by the end of each show she had a lapful of knotted yarn! I remember a couple times my ball of yarn rolled off the back of the platform our 'porch' was on (none of the sets were 'realistic', they were more abstract, so our porch just looked like a platform 3 feet off the ground and the rest of the set was made up of connected platforms of varying sizes and heights, ours was the back platform on one side, so there was nothing behind it to keep the yarn from rolling!)

So, after the play was over, I had this fairly large square. I didn't just want to rip it out or throw it in the back of a closet! Luckily, my older brother and his wife were pregnant, and it was mid-December. So....instant Christmas present!!! When sadie was born May 5, 1995, I went to visit them and was very happy to see that they had kept and were even USING the blanket! Here is Sadie Jane at about 2-3 weeks old when I went to visit over Memorial Day weekend ...

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Greetings! And welcome to my 'crochet' blog...

For those of you who don't know, I recently started crocheting. This is something I always thought would be kind of fun to learn, and only in the last few months have I really had the time and money to take up a hobby, and so far I am really enjoying it.

My grandmother taught me a couple of the basics when I was young, but beyond that I hadn't crocheted since one time in college when I was in a play and my character had to have a 'prop' that was her signature. So, one of my mom's friends showed me how to make a very basic Granny Square. That square grew so large during the run of the play, that I decided to call it a baby blanket and gave it to my older brother and sister-in-law, who were expecting a baby, as a Christmas present. I will try to post some picutres of it soon.

Of course, I had completely forgotten how to make a Granny Square by the time I decided to really learn crochet, but thanks to a wonderful instructor at the local Michael's named Victoria, I am now a Granny Square expert! (as evidenced by the 180 granny squares I am making to turn into an afghan to give to a friend!) And I hope to continue to learn more about crochet and to move beyond squares to make lots of really cool items!

A lot of my friends have said that I should post pictures and updates on what I have been working on with my new hobby...and I didn't want to clutter my 'regular' blog with this stuff. Plus, some of the projects I am working on are presents for people who read my 'regular' blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Also, most of the things I am making these days are things I will give as presents (I don't always know WHO it will be for when I am making it, but I figure most of the stuff I make will eventually be given away...cause I like making stuff like hats and scarves, but don't need things like that in LA!) So, if you you're someone I typically give presents to for Christmas, birthdays or any other special occasion, and you see something you love or hate (either the pattern, or yarn or colors), let me know your opinion, 'cause it you may end up getting it as a gift and I wouldn't want to give you something you didn't like!

Thanks for visiting!