Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Please help with a worthy cause:

A friend of mine (Sara) and I are participating in a race in February ( She's crazy and doing the half-marathon, while I am only slightly less crazy and participating in the 5k.

The cause that this race is raising money for is one that is near and dear to Sara's heart, so instead of making my OWN fundraising page, I decided to help her out by sending the link to HER page to some of my friends and family.

This is what Sara has to say about this cause:
"I'm currently training for a half marathon and am raising money to
help buy wheelchairs for people in third world countries that would
otherwise be immobile. It costs just $44.40 to buy 1 wheelchair. I'm
trying to raise enough to buy 10. If you can help, check out my
fundraising site!"
Click here to link to her site!

If you are able to, we'd love for you to contribute to this cause, but please don't feel obligated to if it is beyond your ability to give at this time.

Thank you!

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