Thursday, July 26, 2007

So close!!

Well, it's no longer possible to finish this baby blanket BEFORE the baby is born!
This was sent to my phone yesterday morning:
Baby Boy. 9lbs 8oz, 22in. All fine. Name-TBD.

Maybe I'll get it done before they decide on a name! At least I hope they didn't name him "TBD", that'd be a really odd name, but Kevin (baby's daddy) *IS* pretty strange!!

I've actually made lots of progress this week. I guess being unemployed is good for SOMETHING. (just wish it paid better! If you know anyone in need of an Emmy nominated video editor, send them my way!)

**UPDATE: baby name: Jack Gavin K****. And I have the last row of 'white' centers done, and the yellow 'outsides' done! So, just two more sets of 'outsides' for the last two two-toned rows and I can start assembling them together!

1 comment:

Ellen Bloom said...

The squares look great! Can't wait to see how the whole afghan looks after you assemble it.