Friday, September 07, 2007

LOST (and *hopefully* found) at WeHo SnB!

HELP! I think I left my cute little plastic container that I keep all my crocheting 'notions' in at the WeHo SnB last night!! It has a mostly clear white lid and a purple-y bottom and it doesn't latch properly anymore. Contained inside are a needle gauge, stitch markers, embroidery needles, scissors, tape measure, dental floss (for when I'm flying and can't carry on a scissors), 'crocheted by jennifer' labels and that sort of thing in it. I also think I may have left part of a skein of white yarn sitting with it.

Did anyone happen to pick it up?? I'd hate to have to replace all that stuff!!! (It would be a big pain in the butt do find the $$ to do that since I'm unemployed and all!)

I'm so bummed out about this 'cause I *actually* wanted to work on my friend's baby's blanket tonight, and all my embroidery needles are in the missing case!!!

Speaking of the's the most recent pic of my progress:


The lost kit has been found!! Thank you Sara for keeping it safe for me!

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Maggie Kay said...

Wow! This stuff is amazing! I JUST learned to knit and crochet, and I don't see how you can do this!!