Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Very Second (and third....and fourth...) Thing I Crocheted...

As I have mentioned previously, back in June I took some crochet classes at the Michael's in Burbank... This is a picture of the 'sample' pieces I made for those classes -

The three squares on the left will appear in another project I am currently working on, but in different yarn, and lots and lots more of them! They are from a pattern that was used in the second class I took "How to read a written pattern and make a Granny Square". It's a really cute baby afghan and I have several friends who have had or are having babies this year, so I am making it for one of them. More about that later!

After the classes, I picked a relatively easy pattern from one of the books I had as a 'starter' project. I picked a scarf. Yes, that's right, I live in LA and I crocheted a SCARF. As many of my co-workers reminded me "You don't need a scarf in LA", to which I replied "But it's the easiest looking pattern." So anyway, here is the scarf I crocheted --

After I felt confident enough to try something more 'advanced' I found this pattern for a really cute purse...not sure if I would ever use it, but I thought it was really cute! Here are some pics... some mid-project, some after completion-

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