Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas Madness

Now that the holidays are over, I can FINALLY post some pictures of the items I made to give out as presents!

First, this is the hat and scarf I made for my cousin, Melissa. She said she loved it and planned to wear it walking around on New Year's Eve with her "boy"...

This was made with Lion Brand "Incredible" in the color Copper Penny, and Lion Fun Fur in Copper. I found the pattern in a book called "More Easy Accessories". I felt that the coppery colors would look better with her coloring than the rainbow-y colors used in the original pattern.

The hat and scarf set I made for my sister-in-law was from a free pattern from Michael's, pattern for the hat is here and the pattern for the scarf is here. I used Moonlight Mohair in Tundra and the Trellis I used was in the color "Night Life", because she LOVES black and I thought that would suit her much better than the brown hues that were used in the pattern. won't let me add more photos to this post, so the final gift photos will have to wait til the next post!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season!


Lucky Sister-In-Law said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE my hat and scarf combo - have worn it out twice already and always received numerous compliments on it!! I make sure to ALWAYS give you credit for your hard work and crochet talents!! It was a pleasant surprise to get a handmade gift myself, as I am usually the one making them for others. And I think the set brings me good luck as well, as both times I have worn it - good things have happened!!! :) Thanks again - wish I was looking a little better when modeling on xmas morning...but oh well, the set looks fabulous! :)

Jennifer said...

If you want to submit new pics I will replace the current ones. I think you look fine though! And people are supposed to be looking at the hat and scarf not you! :)