Monday, December 04, 2006

Because I just don't have enough things to do...

... around my condo - things like: UNPACK, finish painting, clean, fix a couple light fixtures, finish crocheting some christmas gifts, write christmas cards, etc. - tonight, i added ANOTHER project!

At least this one was quick and fun!

Background: I bought a small tree (yay! it's fake, but I've never had a tree at my own place before and wasn't sure how the kitties would treat it!) but the star i bought for the top was too heavy and i didn't see any lighter ones anywhere (at least ones I liked).

So tonight, while I was at Michael's buying a crochet hook (I swear, that's ALL I went in to buy!!) I had a brainstorm! Ended up buying the crochet hook, a wreath for my front door, and a ton of craft supplies to make a 'non-traditional' tree topper...check it out:

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Tami W. said...

I saw your post on Crazy Aunt Purl. I, too, just bought my first fake tree ever because I have two kittens that I didn't want to see covered in pine sap. I bought a tree topper but it was too heavy for the pitiful branch provided. Your styrofoam snow man is perfect and I'm going to totally copy you and make one of my very own.

Congrats on your new home! I just bought myself a small, yet adorable, mobile home in Huntinton Beach. I'm right across the street from the water and I love it.

If you ever want someone to whine to about being a home owner...drop me a line and I'll commiserate with you. We can talk about our cats, make snowmen and maybe drink some wine!